8t DZL Coal Steam Boiler for Pakistan


8 ton coal steam boiler is shipped to Pakistan, the boiler is single drum chain grate boiler, it is fast-assembly boiler and jointly designed by Xi’an Jiaotong University and Zhongding Boiler. This series boiler is water tube and fire tube boiler, the combustion equipment is chain grate. The coal steam boiler uses the new scientific achievement, such as arch tube plate, screw fire tube to solve the problem of tube plate flaw, water wall tube explosion, low efficiency, insufficient output, and poor adaptability of fuel. 

Actually, 8 ton coal steam boiler could be DZL series single drum boiler and SZL series double drum boiler. But how to choose the most suitable boiler to meet the requirement, let see the same and different characteristics of the two boilers. 

Same Characteristics of DZL and SZL Coal Steam Boiler 

1.The combustion equipment is chain grate, has high automatic degree, low fuel leakage, and esist the temperature as high as 1200℃, moreover, based on different requirement, the grate could be changed to reciprocating grate or other types grate. 

2.Large adaptability of different coal fuel and biomass fuel (wood,wood pellet, bagasse, rice husk, straw, coconut shell, cotton seeds, corncob, peanut shell). 

3.Both of these boiler is equipped with economizer and dust removing equipment, has high thermal efficiency and protect environment. 

Differences Between DZL and SZL Coal Steam Boiler 

1.DZL boiler has both fire tube and water tube, SZL boiler is whole water tube structure, SZL boiler has higher quality requirement on inlet water. 

2.DZL boiler is equipped with the common water wall, SZL boiler is membrane water wall boiler, SZL has higher thermal efficiency than DZL boiler. 

3.DZL boiler overall dimension is smaller than SZL boiler. 

4.DZL boiler is cheaper than SZL boiler. 

Based on these characteristics, boiler users could choose the right boiler based on water quality, boiler room size, thermal efficiency requirement, and price, etc.If you still confused about it, Zhongding Boiler could offer free recommendation, to offer the most suitable boiler for you. 

Boiler Main Auxiliary Equipment of 8 ton Coal Steam Boiler Boiler 

Main Body 


Steam Header 

Chain Grate 

Electric Control Cabinet 

Coal Conveyor 

Slag Machine 

Reduction Gear 

Feed Pump 

Induced Draft Fan 

Air Blower 


Gas Duct Baffle


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