Costa Rica Customers Visit Zhongding Boiler


Customers from Costa Rica visited Zhongding Boiler, they need oil gas fired steam boiler, and would like to used for food processing industry. Our sales manager helps to arrange the transportation, meal, and recommendation, we hope to offer customers excellent traveling experience. 

Half years ago, the customers would like to open a sugar plant, and use gas boiler as heating equipment, he did a feasibility research including the cost and capacity, and finally decided to choose 20t/h natural gas boiler. Zhongding Boiler is the only Chinese company they will consider, compare with the price, they pay more attention to the boiler quality and boiler efficiency. So, they travel to China and check the boiler quality. 

The customers shows, they don’t want to require and maintenance the boiler frequently during operation, so the quality should be extremely high. Our sales manager recommend the SZS series boiler, as the boiler is water tube boiler, and equipped with membrane water wall. Actually speaking, as there is high temperature smoke flow through tubes, so the fire tube boiler is crack easier than water tube boiler, moreover, the membrane water wall has high quality, because the technology is complicated, it is hard for maintenance, so in order not to broken, the tube is thicker than the ordinary tubes. SZS series gas boiler has a high thermal efficiency, as it equipped with economizer and condenser at the tail of the boiler, these equipment could absorb the waste heat of exhaust smoke, to increase the boiler efficiency, at the same time, to decrease the exhaust smoke temperature, to protect the environment. 

Except excellent quality and high thermal efficiency, SZS series gas boiler also have many other advantages, the boiler could offer high steam quality, and full automatic operation to save labor cost. However, this kind boiler has a higher requirement for inlet water quality, so the hard water have to be treated into soft water by water treatment equipment.  

After visiting, the Costa Rica customers are very satisfied with the boiler and Zhongding Boiler, they hope to talk with the engineers for several days, and would make the final decision soon.


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