Why Wet Back Structure Could Increase Boiler Thermal Efficiency


Industrial boiler is a kind of heating equipment for industries, the thermal efficiency is one of the main parameter to judge the boiler quality. Zhongding Boiler is always concentrate on the improvement of boiler thermal efficiency and safety.

Oil gas fired boiler is environmental protection and the efficiency is higher than coal/biomass fired boiler. There are two structures for boiler body, one is dry back structure, another one is wet back structure. The manufacturing process of dry back structure is easy and fuel consumption is low. While, it is bad for boiler users, the refractory material is working in the high temperature for long time, it is very easy for damage, it is inconvenient.

Currently, wet back structure is very usually used for oil gas fired boilers to improve boiler thermal efficiency and save energy. Wet back structure refers to that the reversal chamber is surrounded by water, so refractory material is not easy for burn out, the working life is longer. Moreover, the water could increase the boiler radiation heat transfer area and heat transfer efficiency.

The oil gas fired wet back boiler of Zhongding Boiler is wet back structure design, also, it could equipped with economizer or condenser, the thermal efficiency could reach as high as 98%. The boiler adopts large size corrugated furnace, increase heating area and save fuels. 


Product :
 Gas-fired(oil-fired)boilers          Coal-fired boilers  Biomass-fired boilers           Thermal fluid heaters
Power/Capacity :
Hot water/oil           0.7-14MW          14.1-21MW  21.1-29MW            29.1-75MW
Steam                     1-10t/h               11-20t/h  21-90t/h                  91-140t/h
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