Improvement of Design on Smoke Baffle Plate of Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler


The technology on circulating fluidized bed boiler is a kind of high efficiency and low pollution combustion technology, it has the advantages of wide available of different solid fuels (coal, biomass fuel), desulfurization directly when combustion, low NOX discharged, high combustion efficiency and wide load adjustment, etc. This kind boiler is widely used in power station, different industries, and waste utilization field, etc.


Most circulating fluidized bed boiler adopts the smoke baffle plate, to increase the residence time of high temperature flue gas in the convection bank by make the flue gas flow as designed route, these high temperature smoke gas can heat the water in the convection bank, to make the boiler reach the designed output, and save energy.
However, because of the complex manufacturing process, the smoke baffle plate can hardly reach the requirement, moreover, the flue gas in convection bank is extremely high, the ordinary carbon steel is difficult to meet the requirement. In order to solve these problems, a new fixture design on smoke baffle plate is invented, to make the convenient manufacture and installation come true.
New Fixture Design on Smoke Baffle Plate:
1. Incline the stainless steel plate 35 degree (based on the drawing), shown in picture 1, filing the running track of CNC plasma cutting nozzle as the size of convection bank arrangement drawing. the finished cross section shown as picture 2.


2. Picture 3 shows the fixture used for smoke baffle plate, fixed the smoke baffle plate between the upper and lower splint by nuts, turn the dial for the needed angle. Fasten the butterfly nut, and then you can process it.

This fixture design can change angle based on the requirement of circulating fluidized bed boiler smoke baffle plate, wide angle application (-50 degree ~ 50 degree), solves the problems by using the original technology. When installation, because of the high process precision, reduce the labor strength, shorten installation period and improve the installation efficiency.
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