4 Energy Saving Methods for ZhongDing Gas Steam Boiler


Energy saving is a problem that needs to be considered in industrial production, especially for industrial boilers, which can increase the power of thermal energy for industrial production. With the national energy saving and environmental protection policies have been implemented, the traditional coal-fired industrial boilers have been replaced by the natural gas steam boiler, and a revolution in the field of energy saving and environmental protection has been made in the field of industrial thermal energy power.

In addition to transforming the traditional industrial coal-fired boiler into a natural gas steam boiler, the measures can be taken to save energy in the operation of the natural gas steam boiler. In Zhengzhou, the boiler arrangement of the following natural gas steam boiler energy saving measures:

1. According to the industrial production needs the amount of steam to a reasonable choice of natural gas steam boiler power rating and the boiler units, the two cases and the actual use of the matching degree is high exhaust loss is small, energy saving is obvious.

2. The fuel and the air full contact: getting the right amount of fuel and the amount of air constitutes the best ratio of combustion, so as to improve the combustion efficiency of the fuel, and reducing emissions of polluting gases, achieve the goal of energy saving double.

3. Reduce the natural gas steam boiler flue gas temperature: reduce the boiler flue gas temperature is effective use of waste heat generated in the exhaust gas in general, the efficiency of the commonly used boiler 85-88%, flue gas temperature is 220-230. If you set the energy saving device and other use of smoke, smoke temperature dropped to 140-150 degrees, the boiler efficiency can be increased to 90-93%.

4. Recovery and utilization of waste heat of the boiler water: heat exchange through the use of continuous heat in the water, improve the water supply temperature of the water in addition to the purpose of natural gas steam boiler.

At the same time, the measures of energy saving of the natural gas steam boiler can reasonably recover the condensed water in the heating system, and the heat of the condensed water can be recovered and utilized.


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