How to Select an Economical and Suitable Boiler


Boilers are significance for industrial production and daily life. However, many people do not know how to select a suitable boiler to meet the requirement, and at the same time, the boiler should be economical. The following principles could help to select a perfect boiler.


1. Based on the Actual Demand of Thermal


Generally, the steam boilers and hot water boilers are used for refrigeration, heating, disinfection, washing or heating other material. Firstly, know how much hot water/ steam are needed to meet the requirement. Normally, the boiler capacity should based on the Heating Load Curve or Heat Balance Diagram, and includes the heat loss in pipelines, self-used heat of boiler room, available used waste heat. While, usually, it is difficult to get the Heating Load Curve, the heating load could get based on the max thermal consumption per hour within production/heating/domestic, and then determine by using the coefficient. After determining the capacity, the other parameters should also be considered, such as pressure, temperature, etc.


2. Environmental Requirement on Boiler Emission


In order to effectively protect the environment and prevent pollution, many governments have different requirement on boiler emission. Take China as an example, the emission standards are as follows.

Table 1. Air Pollutant Emission Standard for New Boilers in China (2016)


Air Pollutant

Limited Value

Monitoring Position of Pollutant emission

Coal fired boiler

Oil fired boiler

Fuel fired boiler






Chimney or Flue

Sulfur dioxide (SO2)




Nitric oxide




Mercury and its compounds




  Blackness of exhaust smoke


Chimney discharge outlet


Dust emission of oil boiler is much lower than coal boiler, but the SOx and NOx emission are much higher than gas boiler. So, objectively speaking, gas boiler is more environmental protection, and it is ideal for energy saving, because gas fuel could burn more sufficiently, and has higher combustion efficiency.


3. Boiler Cost

Users must consider the boiler economical when setting up a boiler, so that the boiler could meet the production requirement, and save investment cost as well. The following aspects should be considered:

1) Cost of boiler body

2) Cost of boiler auxiliary equipment to meet the normal operation

3) Cost of room construction investment and other infrastructure


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