Differences Between Industrial Boiler and Industrial Furnace


Zhongding Boiler is a technological innovation-based enterprise in boiler industry, and offer industrial boilers to various industrial production. While, many customers come to ask for the industrial furnace, which is quite different from industrial boilers. This articles will analysis the differences of the two industrial products, to help customers distinguish.  

1. Definition of Industrial Boiler and Industrial Furnace 

1) Industrial boiler is a device to create steam or hot water by applying heat energy to water, or create high temperature thermal oil, the fuel used for the industrial boiler could be oil, gas, coal, biomass, and electricity. Zhongding Boiler could offer different types of industrial boilers, i.e. CFB boiler, WNS oil gas boiler, SZS water tube boiler, DZL coal/biomass boiler, SZL double drum coal boiler, and WDR electric boiler. 

2) Industrial furnace (kiln) is a device made of refractory material for calcining or firing a product, by using the energy from burning the fuel or electric. 

2. Classification 

1) Boiler Classification by Application 

-- Power plant boiler: used for the power plant to generate electricity, the boiler capacity is large, pressure is high. 

-- Industrial boiler: used for production process in textile industry, dying and printing industry, chemical industrial, oil industrial, food industry, paper industry, wood processing industry, and building material industry, etc. 

-- Commercial boiler: offer hot water to school, hospital, hotel, office building, used for central heating or hot water supply. 

Boiler Classification by Pressure 

-- Atmosphere pressure boiler (normal pressure)

-- Low pressure boiler (pressure lower than 2.5MPa) 

-- Medium pressure boiler (pressure lower than 3.9Mpa) 

-- High pressure boiler (pressure lower than 10Mpa) 

-- Ultra high pressure boiler (pressure lower than 14Mpa) 

-- Subcritical boiler (pressure between 17Mpa ~ 18Mpa) 

-- Supercritical boiler (pressure between 22Mpa ~ 25Mpa) 

Currently, Zhongding Boiler could offer the boiler pressure lower than 6Mpa, which could satisfy different industrial production and electric generation.  

2) Industrial Furnace Classification 

The common industrial furnaces are melting furnace, heating furnace, petrochemical furnace, heat treatment furnace, sintering furnace, chemical working furnace, firing furnace, firing kiln, drying furnace (kiln), melting calcining furnace (kiln), electric arc furnace, induction furnace ( High temperature smelting), coke ovens, incinerators, and other industrial furnaces. 

Zhongding Boiler only manufacture different types of industrial boilers, power plant boilers and commercial boilers, we could also customize the boiler based on the requirement of customers, water quality and fuel characteristics, to meet the operating requirement and maximum the boilers’ effectiveness.


Product :
 Gas-fired(oil-fired)boilers          Coal-fired boilers  Biomass-fired boilers           Thermal fluid heaters
Power/Capacity :
Hot water/oil           0.7-14MW          14.1-21MW  21.1-29MW            29.1-75MW
Steam                     1-10t/h               11-20t/h  21-90t/h                  91-140t/h
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