4 characteristics of desorption and deoxygenation in hot water boiler


Desorption and deoxygenation is to intensively mix the water to be deoxygenated with the deoxygenated gas, and then the oxygen dissolved in the water will diffuse into the gas in large quantities to achieve the purpose of deoxygenation. Desorption and deaeration have the following characteristics:

hot water boiler

(1) The water to be deoxygenated does not require pre-heat treatment, so the self-consumption steam of the boiler room is not increased.

(2) The desorption and deoxygenation equipment occupies a small area and the metal consumption is small, thereby reducing infrastructure investment.

(3) Good deoxygenation effect. Under normal circumstances, the residual oxygen content after deoxygenation can be reduced to 0.05mg/l.

(4) The disadvantage of desorption and deaeration is that the adjustment of the device is complicated, and the piping system and deaeration water tank should be sealed.

At present, the new type of deaerator developed by Tsinghua University and the Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Services in China overcomes the original shortcomings and shortcomings, eliminates the need for a deaeration water tank, and solves the original sealing problem of the water tank. The heater is separated, and the heating furnace heats the gas from the desorption deaerator, and the heated gas is deoxygenated when passing through the reactor, so that the oxygen-containing gas in the water to be deoxygenated can be fully desorbed, which ensures the reliability of operation and the effect of deoxygenation. And the volume and power consumption are smaller than the original equipment.

The operation of the biomass hot water boiler room proves that the desorption deaerator is easy to operate, low investment, reliable operation and good results. However, there are many factors that affect deoxygenation, and only oxygen can be removed, but other gases cannot be removed. In addition, there is a redox resin deoxygenation technology, which is regenerated with hydrazine. It is also one of the deaeration methods often used in small industrial boilers.


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