Safety precautions in the maintenance of condensing gas boiler


Condensing gas boiler

1. Pay attention to ventilation and monitoring. Before entering the condensing gas boiler drum and container, all the manholes on the drum and container and the hand holes on the header must be opened to allow air to flow for a certain period of time and fully ventilate. When entering the drum or container for inspection, someone outside the vessel must be supervised. Ventilation must also be carried out before entering the flue or combustion chamber for inspection.

2. Pay attention to the safety of electricity. When testing in the drum and damp flue and lighting with electric lights, the lighting voltage should not exceed 24V; in a relatively dry flue, and proper safety measures, no more than 36 can be used. v's lighting voltage. When entering the container for inspection, a low-voltage explosion-proof lamp with a voltage not exceeding 12 v or 24 v should be used. When the power supply voltage of the inspection instrument and repair tool exceeds 36 v, a well-insulated flexible wire and a reliable grounding wire must be used. Open flame lighting is strictly prohibited in condensing gas boilers and containers.

3. It is forbidden to disassemble and assemble the connecting parts under pressure. When inspecting condensing gas boilers and pressure vessels, if it is necessary to remove or tighten the fasteners of the pressure-bearing parts, the pressure must be fully vented before it can be carried out, and there must be no pressure in the device. Remove or tighten bolts or other fasteners in case of failure to prevent accidents.

4. It is forbidden to replace the water pressure test with the air pressure test. The pressure test of the boiler pressure vessel generally uses water as the pressurized medium, and gas cannot be used as the pressurized medium, otherwise it is very dangerous.


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