Maintenance cycle of condensing gas boiler


1. The overhaul of condensing gas boiler is divided into regular scheduled overhaul and irregular overhaul. Regular scheduled maintenance is based on factors such as the characteristics of the production equipment, the nature of the boiler medium, the corrosion rate, and the operating cycle. Regular scheduled maintenance can be divided into minor maintenance and major maintenance according to the maintenance workload. Irregular maintenance is temporary maintenance due to some reason.

2. The minor repair period is generally twelve months. If the condensing gas boiler is found to be blocked or severely fouled during operation, it should be determined according to the specific conditions of the boiler's pressure drop increase and efficiency decrease.

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3. The interval between major repairs is generally three years.

4. Proved by operating experience, the maintenance interval can be appropriately extended or shortened.

5. Temporary maintenance when failure due to some reason or endangering the safe operation of boiler equipment, that is, irregular maintenance. Irregular maintenance should be carried out in the following situations:

1. During the operation of the condensing gas boiler, the process system cannot maintain normal production due to the burst failure of the heat transfer tube;

2. The external macro inspection found that the boiler pressure components have deformed, bulged, cracked and leaked defects, which are in an extraordinary condition endangering safety;

3. The working pressure and temperature of the boiler exceed the allowable value, or the heat transfer tube is scaled or coked, which seriously affects the heat transfer efficiency, and can not be restored to normal after various measures are taken;

4. The safety device of the boiler fails, the connecting end is broken, the fastener is damaged, etc., endangering the safety condition;

5. Part of the boiler structure transformation, replacement of the barrel section, head, or repair due to cracks or leaks in the welding seam;

6. After the condensing gas boiler is put into operation, it will be out of service for more than two years before it is put into use again.


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