What noises will appear when the condensing boiler is working


zhongding gas oil boiler

(1) Heat exchange noise: If the condensing boiler boiler water undergoes a phase change during local vaporization during the heating process, a vibrational change in the flow state will cause heat exchange noise.

(2) Aerodynamic noise: When there is a vortex in the flowing gas (gas, air, flue gas) of the condensing boiler, a sudden change in pressure, a sudden change in the flow section or direction, which causes airflow disturbances (generating pressure waves), will produce aerodynamics Sexual noise.

(3) Mechanical noise: It is caused by solid vibration. In the boiler, when the fan rotates, the impeller and the shell will vibrate and cause mechanical noise.

(4) Combustion noise: including laminar, turbulent flame noise and oscillating combustion noise.

(5) Flameout noise: This phenomenon occurs when the gas valve is suddenly closed and the flame is extinguished. The flameout noise can be regarded as the tempering noise when the gas volume is zero, which is a special form of tempering.

(6) Tempering noise: It is the deflagration sound caused by the flame retracting to the fire hole to ignite the combustible mixture in the burner cavity.

(7) Ignition noise: it is caused by ignition and deflagration.

Different condensing boilers cause different noises for different reasons, and many faults can also be distinguished from the noise. Generally speaking, the noise of the condensing boiler is not too big. If the noise is caused by a fault, it should be eliminated in time.


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