A specific introduction to the temperature adjustment method of the oil and gas boiler


        In most cases, the utilization rate of heat released by fuel combustion is increased, so it is widely used in reindustrial plants. Under normal circumstances, as time increases, the temperature continues to increase. The increase not only damages the oil-fired boiler itself, but also blasts due to the accumulation of impurities on the heating surface, which poses a great safety concern. The temperature cannot be well controlled, which greatly reduces the utilization rate of oil and gas boilers. So, in order to maintain normal operation and use, how is the temperature adjustment method of the oil and gas boiler designed?

zhongding oil gas boiler

       Main hot steam temperature adjustment. The main steam temperature changes with the exhaust gas temperature of the gas turbine. During operation, the main steam temperature reduction is actually considered. The main steam desuperheating adjustment method mainly adopts two adjustment methods: water spray desuperheating and saturated steam partial bypass. The water spray desuperheater is arranged in the middle of the superheater, and there is a pipe in the middle of the superheater, so as to install the water spray desuperheater and steam mixing requirements.

       The temperature measuring element on the main steam pipeline inputs the signal into the temperature controller through the temperature transmitter, and the data is measured in the temperature controller and compared with the set data. According to the comparison result, the temperature controller output signal adjusts the temperature control valve to increase or decrease the spray water volume of the spray desuperheater.

       Saturated steam is partially bypassed and adjusted. Most of the saturated steam from the steam drum is passed to the main steam pipe after the heat is absorbed by the heat exchanger. The remaining saturated steam enters the main steam pipe through the bypass regulating valve. The temperature of the superheated steam at the outlet of the superheater can be adjusted by adjusting the temperature control valve on the bypass line. It is controlled by adjusting the opening of the main steam valve and the opening of the main steam turbine control valve. Drum pressure regulation mainly includes high pressure limit, low pressure limit, pressure rise rate limit and pressure drop rate limit. The high pressure limit and the rate of increase are mainly realized by the bypass system; the low pressure limit and the rate of pressure drop are mainly realized by the steam turbine regulating valve.


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