Analysis of Biomass Fuel


About the analysis of biomass fuel:

1) The sulfur content of biomass fuel is generally very small, and there is no need to install a gas desulfurization installation when it is extinguished, which reduces the cost and is conducive to environmental maintenance;

2) The use of biomass boiler extinguishing equipment can complete the large-scale reduction, harmlessness, and resource utilization of resources at the fastest speed, and the cost is low. Therefore, the direct biomass extinguishing technology has good economics and development potential.

3) The carbon dioxide released by the extinguishing of biomass is roughly equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by photosynthesis during its growth, so it can be regarded as zero emission of carbon dioxide, which can alleviate the greenhouse effect; 4. The extinguished products of biomass are widely used. Ash and slag can be used comprehensively.


Product :
 Gas-fired(oil-fired)boilers          Coal-fired boilers  Biomass-fired boilers           Thermal fluid heaters
Power/Capacity :
Hot water/oil           0.7-14MW          14.1-21MW  21.1-29MW            29.1-75MW
Steam                     1-10t/h               11-20t/h  21-90t/h                  91-140t/h
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