Large Capacity Circulating Fluidized Bed Hot Water Boiler

Large Capacity Circulating Fluidized Bed Hot Water Boiler

Rated Capacity: 7~91 MW
Rated Pressure: 1~1.6 Mpa
Fuel: bituminous coal, anthracite coal, meagre coal, lignitous coal, coal gangue, slag, etc.
Application: power station, thermal power station, chemical industry, etc.

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This boiler is a new generation of low speed circulating fluidized bed boiler based on domestic and international advanced technology and experience. Circulating fluidized bed boiler is consisting of combustion chamber, separator, fly ash circulating system, superheater, convection bank, economizer, and air preheater.



1. Low thermal inertia 

Boiler steel floor structure, significant savings the basic construction investment. Boiler with low thermal inertia, gas boost time is shortened.

2. High thermal efficiency

Suspension membrane wall furnace adopts the all-membrane wall light attached tube furnace wall structure, which is reliable avoidance, tight sealed, and best thermal efficiency.

3. Wide adaptability of different coals. 

External circulating fluidized bed boilers can burn both high-quality coal and low-quality coal. Combustion technology is environmental protection.

4. Loop seal system is simple, high combustion efficiency. 

High temperature material into the material entrained in the air stream collector, the material is collected back down into the feeder, and then returned to the combustion chamber by refeeder, multiple looping combustion, high combustion efficiency.

5. Holland adjustment range, fast load regulation. The heating surface is not layout in the boiler.

6. Avoid the problem of ash leakage and air distribute uniformity

heat-resistant alloy steel cylinder inline gray hood avoids the problems of ash leakage, air distribute uniformity, long life.

7. Environmental protection

Adopts the technology of low temperature combustion, decrease the emission of harmful gas, desulfurization can be done in the furnace, meet the requirement of the national energy saving and mitigation policy.



Rated Power


Pressure (MPa)
Coal Consumption
Design Thermal Efficiency (%) Exhaust Gas Temperature (℃)
SHX7-1.0/95/70-A 7 1.0 979 84.5 165
SHX10.5-1.0/115/70-AⅠ 10.5 1.0 1381 84 165
SHX14-1.0/115/70-P 14 1.0 1942 85 150
SHX17.5-1.25/130/70- AⅠ 17.5 1.25 2205 84 165
DHX29-1.25/130/70-AⅡ 29 1.25 4105 84 150
QXX29-1.25/130/70-H 29 1.25 9184 86.7 145
QXX58-1.6/130/70-AⅡ+Slag 58 1.6 11328 88.2 142
QXX91-1.6/130/70-H 91 1.6 30530 87.3 143
Note: Parameter is for reference only, the specific should follow the design institution.