Low Pressure CFB Steam Boiler

Low Pressure CFB Steam Boiler

Rated Capacity: 6~35 t/h
Rated Pressure: 1.25Mpa ~2.5Mpa
Fuel: bituminous coal, anthracite coal, meager coal, lignitous coal, coal gangue, slag, etc.
Application: power station, thermal power station, chemical industry, etc.

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The natural circulating fluidized bed steam boiler is a patent product belongs to Zhengzhou Zhongding Boiler Co. Ltd., established based on “Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China” by State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.China. The patent number is ZL2012 2 0333591.0



1. High thermal efficiency

The mature furnace and advanced structured separator assure the high efficiency and normal operation. 

2. Membrane structure

The roof of separator adopts membrane wall structure, solves the problems of air leakage, caving and damage. Improve the boiler reliability. The furnace adopts suspension type membrane water wall and anti-wear design. Water cooling furnace and membrane convection bank structure guarantee the best sealing.  Adopts the structure of membrane water cooling steering smoke chamber.

3. Breakthroughs

Breakthrough on the structure and parametrization design on cyclone separator. The high temperature cyclone adiabatic separator adopts high efficient whole steel structure, low heat loss.

4. High quality materials
The double membrane drum walls use light type material, good sealing, and adopts the convection bank structure.
The dosage of refractory material decrease 50%, decrease the thermal inertia, sharply shorten the time of start up, pressure boost and air supply.


Model Rated Steam 
Rated Steam Temperature
Feed Water Temperature
Efficiency (%)
SHX6-1.25-AI 6 1.25 194 105 631 83.9
SHX10-1.25/2.5-AI 10 1.25/2.5 194/400 105 929/1056 84.76/83.5
SHX15-1.25/2.5-AI 15 1.25 194/225 105 1381/1392 83.5
SHF20-1.25/2.5- AI 20 1.25/2.5 194/225 105 1901/2171 84
SHX25-1.25/2.5- AI 25 1.25/2.5 194/400 105 2205/2840 84
SHX35-1.25/2.5- AI 35 1.25/2.5 194/400 105 3990/4058 84/85
DHX35-2.5/400-AII 35 2.5 400 105 4176 85
Note: Parameter is for reference only, the specific should follow the design institution.