CLDR Electric Hot Water Boiler

CLDR Electric Hot Water Boiler

Rated Power: 0.06-0.7MW
Rated Pressure: Normal pressure
Application: supply hot water and heat in industries, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, etc.

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This series boiler makes the electrical control cabinet separate from boiler body to avoid affecting the boiler’s working life when the electrical elements become ageing. The electrical heated tube can be used for about 20000 hours. The thermal efficiency could almost be 99% and will not release NOX to the air, it is environmental. The control system is PLC, with LCD screen, auto indicators, Chinese and English display, etc.




1. The boiler operates under normal pressure without explosion risk and security risk. 

2. Symmetric design of water outlet and backwater inlet (duplex inlet & outlet ), installed quickly. Integration of boiler and motor, the structure compact, and transportation is very convenient. 

3. All the electrical elements have the CE and CCC certification to make sure the boiler safety and long live. 

4. Each group electrical heating elements focus on type of flange connection to make the structure simple, safe and easy to repair. 

5. Electrical control cabinet separated from boiler body can make heat emission easily and many sets of parallel. 6. PLC control system control and display make the operation simple and safe. People can control water temperature. Screen can show equipment operation parameters and produce alarm in the fault.


Model Rated Power(MW) Outlet Water
Temperature (℃)
Return Water
Thermal Efficiency(%) Overall
Weight (kg)
CLDR0.06-85/65-D 0.06 85 65 99 1100×850×2600 615
CLDR0.12-85/65-D 0.12 85 65 99 1200×960×2500 657
CLDR0.24-85/65-D 0.24 85 65 99 1350×1120×2360 671
CLDR0.35-85/65-D 0.35 85 65 99 1350×1120×2650 678
CLDR0.5-85/65-D 0.5 85 65 99 1350×1120×2650 689
CLDR0.6-85/65-D 0.6 85 65 99 2650×1850×1330 825
CLDR0.7-85/65-D 0.7 85 65 99 2950×2050×1530 1025
Note: Parameters is for reference only, if any change should follow actual drawings.