Water Jacket Boiler

Water Jacket Boiler

Rated Capacity:50KW~6MW
Application:Heating crude oil
Fuel:Natural gas, heavy oil, light oil, etc.
Certificate:ISO 9001, CE, BV, SGS, ASME

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Water jacket boiler is a new product of Zhongding Boiler. It is horizontal type with internal combustion and shell structure. The fuel could be oil and gas. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, long working life, safe operation, and convenient maintenance.

Structure of Water Jacket Boiler
The combustion chamber and heating furnace are low level design, to increase the safety range of water level. This series heater is a wet back type with smoke gas two return structure, the boiler is equipped with a full corrugated furnace, not only increase the heating surface, also has good expansion performance, which can effectively reduce the thermal stress during operation and increase heater life. The furnace shell insulation adopts 0.8mm stainless steel plate, which is beneficial to the heater in the harsh environment prolong furnace life. The heating furnace is equipped with a front door, to achieve a convenient operation and maintenance, and it could reduce the heating furnace area. A combined open cigarette box door is used for the rear smoke box, which is convenient for repair and maintenance.
Integrated design  
This series heater is composed of heater and heat exchanger. Heat exchanger and burning chamber are integrated, which are in one enclosed container. The burning chamber and heating surface are low level design. The heating surface adopts symmetrical arrangement, which can makes the furnace with highest temperature in the water, also, it the heater water level safety range is increased.


1) Perfect shape

This series heater adopt stainless steel plate packing, the furnace surface is high temperature resistant wrinkle paint, beautiful appearance, durable, and easy maintenance. Inside has high temperature control cable layout is simple and practical, safe and reliable. It has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, overall with fast plant, convenient transportation and installation
2) Movable front and rear smoke box
The smoke box adopts movable whole cigarette box cover, smoke box cover using labyrinth design, it is not easy to be burnt, no smoke leakage. The box door use high temperature aluminum silicate material, flexible switch, convenient maintenance
3) Instrument and valves
Instrument, valves and PLC key electrical components of control system are international famous brands, to ensure the reliability of the control system.
4) Famous Brand new full automatic burner
According to the thermal power, heating furnace diameter, consider running at full load capacity, and the burner output - under the furnace back pressure curve, adjustment ratio of burner is 1:3. the proportion of the adjustment makes the heater has overload more ability, to ensure the high efficiency and stable operation.
5) Advanced control system
According to the working principle of the heater and the combustion performance of the machine, Zhongding boiler developed heating furnace programmable control (PLC) system, especially the design of many intelligent man-machine dialogue function, using the intelligent touch screen as man-machine interface. The operation is simple and convenient, the operator can quickly understand, and it can be 24 hours unattended
6) Safe Operation
The heating surface is equipped with safety valves and different protection measures, has the protect function of water shortage, over pressure, over temperature, fault. Also, the boiler is equipped with explositon proof door, which can quickly releasing the pressure when the accident happens.
7) High efficiency and energy saving
The drum is running in the absence of air condition, water vapor and coil do condensation heat transfer, release large amount of latent heat of vaporization, no air reduces. The water in the pot is heated and closed in the fully closed state, no steam overflows, the heat loss is small, and the thermal efficiency reaches 90%.
Because of the heat transfer of the coil pipe in the oxygen free and non scale water vapor chamber, and the oxygen free corrosion, the outer wall of the pipe has no scaling phenomenon, No corrosion coils in non fouling condition, prolong the service life