Harmonious exhibition industry 75 tons of boiler transformation


Henan harmony Exhibition Industry Co., Ltd. is an energy-saving environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources of heat and power enterprises, mainly to provide biomass power generation, biomass raw materials acquisition and other business, the company's existing generating units three units. The company uses biomass fuel to generate electricity, in line with the national environmental protection requirements. Is a new type of high speed development of environmental protection industry.

After many visits, a comprehensive understanding of the harmonious development of Henan Industrial Co., Ltd. and my company signed a "75 tons of boiler renovation contract", the company is responsible for the transformation and commissioning of the biomass boiler.
The biomass boiler is a new type of circulating fluidized bed boiler, based on the characteristics of the combustion of biomass, especially in the prevention of biomass combustion process node group, ash deposition and slagging technology, anti corrosion technology, biomass feeding technology, separation and recycling technology, tail by thermal surface blowing dust, emissions compliance measures and so on several aspects research, forming a complete, independent of biomass combustion and heat transfer technology. This kind of boiler with burning high efficiency, less environmental pollution, to comprehensive utilization, to fuel a wide, easy adjustment, etc., has been successfully running for a long time, the effect is very ideal, spoke highly of the manufacturers.


Product :
 Gas-fired(oil-fired)boilers          Coal-fired boilers  Biomass-fired boilers           Thermal fluid heaters
Power/Capacity :
Hot water/oil           0.7-14MW          14.1-21MW  21.1-29MW            29.1-75MW
Steam                     1-10t/h               11-20t/h  21-90t/h                  91-140t/h
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