6t Biomass Boiler Used for Sri Lanka


biomass boiler

Model: DZL6- 1.25- T 

Steam capacity: 6t/h 

Rated power: 1.25Mpa 

Steam pressure: 194℃ 

6t biomass fired steam boiler is used for food processing factory in Sri Lanka, the boiler is equiped with chain grate and single drum. The fuel used for the boiler is mixed biomass fuel including coconut shell, peanut shell, and other types nutshell. 

Characteristics of Zhongding Chain Grate Biomass Boiler 

1.Advanced technique. The fore-and-aft arch of the boiler utilizes the patent technique: the horizontal water-cooling pipe irrigates the whole water-cooling arch structure. It increases the heating area, has the function of heat insulating arch, and have the long life characteristic of water-cooling arch as well. Compare with brick, the furnace arch is durable. 

2.Avoid grate stuck and side seal burnout. The boiler employs the structure of water-cooling side contact-seal. The design is advanced and reasonable, it replaces the traditional way for side seal with iron, avoids the problems of grate stucked by cast iron seal and side seal burnout because of air leakage. 

3.Strong adaptability of different fuels. The design of arch utilizes Xi’an Jiaotong University’s latest research achievement, which wins “Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress”, various kinds of coal are adaptable. 

4.Avoid tube plate crack. The design of two-wings flue makes the flue gas access flue gas box from the back smoothly, increases the flue gas temperature in the high temperature tube plate, avoids the tube plate crack. 

5.High heat diffusion efficiency, avoid dust gather. The drum employs single-return screwed pipe, improves the efficiency of heat diffusion, and avoids dust gathered in flue gas tube by taking advantage of screwed pipe’s ability of gas clean automatically. 

6.Flexible control, air flows evenly. The boiler employs the new type structure of crank arm screw, can be adjusted flexibly, air flows evenly. 

7.Push-pull type damper ash removal device is employed. The damper uses the seal structure of heat resistant cast iron, effectively prevents deformation of secondary combustion and grate air leakage.


Product :
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Power/Capacity :
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